A shop full of classics and curiosities

When you step into our museum shop, you will find a wide range of new and classic products alongside a variety of intriguing modern and historical objects.

We offer distinctive textiles, leather and design products, hand-crafted items, honey-brewed mead, toys, postcards, posters, and sweets and specialities. What is more, our selection focuses on high quality, sustainability, and fair trade.

Free admission to the shop

If you need a gift for a special occasion or just want to get yourself a treat that is out of the ordinary, you can visit the Moesgaard Museum shop any time – even without visiting the exhibitions. The shop is always open during the museum’s opening hours, and we will be there if you need information, advice, or assistance.


Revolving around the museum’s exhibitions and main fields of study, our wide selection of books spans the ages – from prehistory to historical times – with titles for children and adults, including new publications on architecture and other relevant topics. Your next good read could be about the Viking Age, or about the concrete architecture that makes the Moesgaard Museum building so unique.


We also sell a hand-picked selection of modern and ethnic jewellery, and our “museum jewellery” collection (museumssmykker) consists of authentic, accurate reproductions of historical pieces from archaeological finds.

Discounts, gift-wrapping, and our refunds and returns policy

If you are a member of the Moesgaard Museum Club or a Business Partner, you will receive a discount of 10% on purchases from the shop (except on certain CSR items, products on sale at a reduced price, and certain exclusive hand-crafted items).

We always gift-wrap handsomely upon request, and we refund or exchange items within one month after the purchase date, provided you can show us the receipt. Please note the exceptions to this refunds and returns policy – which we cannot take back: postcards, posters, face masks, food/drink items, and products bought on sale.

Your purchases support the museum’s work

When you buy something at the Moesgaard Museum shop, you are helping to support our many activities and outreach initiatives. The proceeds from the shop go directly to the museum’s operation and maintenance, helping us to organize new exhibitions, expand our collections, conduct museum tours, and educate school classes and guest young and old.

Any questions?

If you have any questions relating to the Moesgaard Museum shop, please get in touch with the shop using one of the following contact options:

Email: shop@moesgaardmuseum.dk
Telephone: (+45) 8739 4082

Buy your ticket in advance

You can save time by buying your ticket online, before you arrive. This means you will not have to wait in line at the ticket desk: With your online ticket in hand, or on your mobile, you can go straight to the ticket scanner and proceed directly to the exhibitions.

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