Museum shop

Be inspired by the museum's exciting exhibitions and the special architecture and experience a hand-picked selection of unique items from around the world

The Museum shop offers a broad selection of modern and classic merchandise. We value quality and are inspired by the museum’s exciting exhibitions. You will find gorgeous textiles, jewelry, a selection of books, postcards, refrigerator magnets, fun toys, sweets, schnapps and lots more.


Our books range from books about prehistory to ethnographic narrations for both adults and children. Become immersed in a book with amazing Viking tales or learn all about Moesgaard’s impressive architecture.


Our jewelry are authentic reproductions of historical pieces and pieces inspired by historical findings. Additionally, we offer a selection of handpicked contemporary and ethnic jewelry.


Gorgeous linen and wool scarfs, leather bags and canvas purses, clothing for the entire family – these are just a few of the textile items we offer in the museum shop.

The museum shop is open during the exhibition opening hours.
We are currently working on a web shop.
Members of Klub Moesgaard receive discounts on selected items.