Among the Chukchis in Sibiria

Mini-exhibition about field work

“The field work of the ethnographer: Among the Chukchis in Sibiria” is the first of a new series of exhibitions about the field work behind the ethnographic part of Moesgaard Museum.


The corner stone behind ethnographic research is field work where the researcher takes residence for an extensive period of time among the people they wish to understand. A close relationship to the people is key, because no one wants to share their thoughts and emotions – let alone feelings on death, loss and sorrow – with someone they don’t like.

The field work of ethnographer Jeanette Lykkegård regarding the deceased and their residual lives among the Chukchis in Sibiria was dependent on the close relationship between her and the locals, who granted her access to entirely new discoveries in the understanding of their relationship to death.