Other museums

Bog bodies are found throughout north-western Europe and Moesgaard Museum is not the only museum with a bog body on display. Here you find a list of other museums where you will find these naturally mummified remains.

Bog bodies in other museums

The following list, organised by country, is by no means a full list of all bog bodies in Europe, but it does include some of the most famous ones.


  • Moesgård Museum, Aarhus (Grauballe Man)

  • National Museum, Copenhagen (Huldremose Woman)

  • Silkeborg Museum, Silkeborg (Tollund Man and Elling Woman)


  • Ostfrieschiches Landesmuseum, Emden (Bernuthsfeld Man)

  • Niedersäschsiches Landesmuseum, Hannover (Neu Versen Man)

  • Landesmuseum Natur und Mensch, Oldenburg (Husbäke Man, Bockhornerfeld, Kayhausen Boy, Neu-England Man)

  • Schwedenspeicher-Museum (Obenaltendorf Man)

  • Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig (Windeby Girl, Windeby Boy, Rendswühren Man, Damendorf Man, Dätgen Man, Osterby Man)


  • Drents Museum, Assen (Yde girl, the Weerdinge Couple, Emmer-Erfscheidenveen Man, Zweelo Woman)


  • British Museum, London (Lindow Man)


  • National Museum of Ireland, Dublin (Clonycavan Man, Old Croghan Man, Gallagh Man and Baronstown West Man)