If you want to find out more about Grauballe Man, bog bodies, or the Early Iron Age in which Grauballe Man lived, the following websites may be of interest.

Grauballe Man interactive

Do you want to conduct your own analyses of Grauballe Man’s gut contents, or his cut throat? Or learn more about his youth and the village where he grew up? Do you want to see how he was discovered, interpreted, conserved and investigated in the 1950s? Or see the CT-scans made during the new investigations? On this website you can explore all these and more aspects of Grauballe Man’s life, death and his Iron Age world in more depth thought interactive games, films and interviews with experts.

Tollund Man

This website by Silkeborg Museum and the Amtscentret for Undervisning tells you everything about Tollund Man, another Iron Age bog body, and life in the Iron Age.

National Museum Denmark

The website of the National Museum in Copenhagen has information on some of the bog bodies in its collection (like Huldremose Woman) and several other famous bog finds (like the Hjortspring boat). Here you will also find information about other finds from Grauballe Man’s time, the (Early) Iron Age.