Meet the Family

Evolution at the centre of Moesgaard Museum

The Stairway of Evolution

On your way to the prehistory exhibitions, you descend the stairway of evolution. Here you will meet your prehistoric family: Seven reconstructed human species will look on as you walk down the stairs. In cooperation with the Centre for Biocultural History at Aarhus University and the World famous Dutch Kennis brothers, Moesgaard Museum has created a unique collection of seven reconstructed homines, i.e. human species. From the 3.2 million year-old Lucy, who was found in Ethiopia, to the Koelbjerg Man, who lived in the Stone Age and is the oldest skeleton found in Denmark. These lifelike sculptures are anatomically correct reconstructions of our ancestors, and they are created in accordance with the most recent bone findings from all around the World.

Look your ancestors in the eyes as you proceed down the stairs, and at the end of the stairway, you will enter the prehistory exhibitions and explore the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Viking Age.