A community with rules

Research shows that the Stone Age was an epochal and diverse time, where, for the first time in history, an advanced community was established – a community with rules as is required when you have neighbors.

The people of the Stone Age were healthy and highly specialized people who had an advanced knowledge of Nature’s resources and knew how to use them.

The Stone Age exhibition takes you on a journey through time where you will visit the first hunters who hunt reindeer upon the retreat of the ice after the final Ice Age. You will follow the dramatic changes of the land through thousands of years, and meet the last hunters, gatherers and fishermen on the coast where they feasted on e.g. oysters.

On the coast and in the nutrient-rich ocean, archeological finds show that the people of the Stone Age excelled in the finest of craftsmanship when it came to tools and dugout boats for fishing and hunting on the ocean. In a woodland area of the Stone Age exhibition, visitors will experience the Ertebølle people, who are fur trappers and gather with people from settlements on the coast. On the edge of the woods, the first farmers clear the land and cultivate it. A solar eclipse promise the coming of a new time. The wheel is invented and along the road, the dead are buried. At first, in wagons, then in burial mound. Hierarchies, war, and conflicts arise. The first beer is brewed and some of the people move back towards the coast, where the culture of the coastal hunter-gatherers re-emerge. The sun is worshipped with sun temples.  

The Stone Age exhibition is part of the museum’s permanent archeological exhibition.