The Stairway of Origin

Ethnography at Moesgaard Museum

The Stairway of Origin

When you ascend the stairway towards the ethnographic exhibition, you meet the sculptures of three contemporary people – all from very different cultures and societies. They give you their cultural perspectives on human origin: Where are we as humans from and where are we going?

The three people are:

Paul Gurrumuruwuy – an aboriginal of the Yolngu in Australia.

Galina Ainatgual – a Chukchi from the northern Kamchatka in Siberia.

Stephen Hawking – an internationally acclaimed theoretical physicist from Britain.

Their perspectives are an obvious starting point for the ethnographic exhibition. Ethnography is about people, culture and societies all over the World. By encountering various perspectives from different cultures, we may see the World in a new light and context – The World of others, as well as our own.