Behind the scenes

Get a look behind the scenes at the people constructing the special exhibition “RUS – Vikings in the East”.

What actually goes on behind closed doors at Moesgaard Museum as we prepare for a special exhibition? We’ve answered that question here, on a page with videos and photos taken as the official opening of the RUS exhibition on 22 January 2022 drew near.

Models with their own small stories

Meet Reiner Merke, who builds the exquisitely detailed exhibition models you can see at Moesgaard Museum.

Behind the scenography

Meet Steen Lock Hansen, a scenographer at Moesgaard Museum who shares his thoughts on how he approaches a task like working with “RUS – Vikings in the East”.

Managing the exhibition project

Meet project manager and architect Claus Sandgaard, and hear him outline the framework of the exhibition project that will eventually become “RUS – Vikings in the East”.

The craftspeople, architects, audio-visual designers, set designers, and other professionals at Moesgaard Museum have spent months working on our RUS exhibition. Click on the link to see photos taken throughout the process.