What you need to know when visiting Moesgaard

Here's everything you need to know when you visit the museum.

Buy a ticket online before visiting the museum

In order to provide a safe experience for you and everyone else, we offer a limited number of tickets in time slots during the museum opening hours. This provides sufficient distance between guests and thus gives everyone a safe experience at the museum.

If you want to visit the Moesgaard Museum, you must buy your ticket online prior to your visit and choose your arrival date and time of arrival. For members of Klub Moesgaard and other visitors who hold annual tickets, the ticket is free, but you still have to book arrival date and time slot in advance.

Face mask is required

From October 29 onward, following the authorities' guidelines regarding COVID-19, all visitors over the age of 12 must wear a face mask at Moesgaard Museum.

If you have not brought a face mask, you will be given one by the staff upon arrival at the museum.

Safety above all

During the visit, you will be able to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer in all the exhibitions.

Access to the outdoor areas are only for guests with a ticket to the museum.

The café is open and you can enjoy the food either indoors in the café’s seating area or outdoors on the museum's terrace.

There will also be extra cleaning and contact surfaces are disinfected. We aim at creating the safest possible framework for guests and staff.

Number of visitors at Moesgaard

Currently, the number of visitors at the museum is limited to half of what is allowed by the authorities. Based on answers to questionnaires completed by our visitors, we assess that the current number of visitors is appropriate to give most visitors a safe and good experience at the museum.

Using multiple scanners, sensors, video surveillance and manual counting in the building, we always know the exact number of people inside the museum and in specific exhibition rooms, so that we can make sure that we adhere to our own and the authorities' guidelines.

Hand sanitizer and social distance

All our exhibitions have undergone a thorough assessment in relation to the risk of infection. Some of the installations have been cordoned off, where it is assessed that there is an increased risk of infection. There are extra cleaning staff at work who clean all the contact surfaces at the museum many times a day.

There are signs in all exhibitions reminding guests that they must remember to keep a social distance. Our guards constantly monitor the amount of people in the exhibitions both via video surveillance and by physical presence.

Visits to the roof, shop and café require a ticket

If you want to visit the museum roof during the museum's opening hours, you must buy an entrance ticket. The same goes for the museum's café and shop. For annual ticket holders and others with special cards, this ticket is free.

We have taken these measures to provide a safe and good experience for all visitors to the museum. However, the view can still be enjoyed without a ticket outside museum opening hours.

Need more answers?

The coronavirus has caused a number of necessary changes to normal procedures, and we try our best to respond to all inquiries promptly. Before contacting us, we encourage you to visit our FAQ pages, where you will find answers to some of the questions, we are most frequently asked:

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