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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about accessibility, personal belongings, food, drink, and other practical issues at the museum.


All parking at Moesgaard Museum is free, and there is no time limit. We have several parking areas: some at different levels across from the museum, and one below the museum in the meadow across from the old Moesgård Manor. Remember to remove handbags and valuable items from your car before leaving the parking area, and make sure there are no visible objects that might tempt someone to break into your vehicle. The cloakroom has free lockers (operated with a token or coin) for coats, handbags and other personal belongings. Map of parking areas

Disability parking

The parking level across from the main entrance has dedicated disability parking spaces. This level and the spaces are marked with special signs. For guests who have mobility issues or use a wheelchair, there is the option of drop-off directly at the main entrance: Drive all the way up the hill along the museum building. Turn right at the top, then turn right again down the gravel path that leads to the ramp at the main entrance. Because the gravel path is also an access road for emergency vehicles, disability vehicles must drive away from the entrance after passenger drop-off, then proceed to a parking area. For more information, please contact our staff at the ticket desk or one of our helpful uniformed museum guards.

Tour bus parking

A dedicated parking area for tour buses with museum guests is located at the uppermost parking level on the museum hill, right across from the museum building.

Charging of electric vehicles

The museum has eight charging stations, Type 2/22kW. These are located not far from the museum, in the parking level at the bottom of the hill (the level nearest the bus stop). 

To charge at these stations, you will need to download and use the Spirii Go, app. When logged on to this app as a user, you can pay either through the Danish “MobilePay” system or with a credit card.

Simply go to the app’s “map” function, then find Moesgaard Museum, choose your preferred charging station, and begin charging.

TYPE 2 / 22kW

Type 2 stik.

A visit to our shop, café or roof does not require a ticket

If you just want to visit our remarkable museum gift shop or café, or enjoy the stunning view from the museum’s sloping roof, you are welcome to do so at your leisure – without buying a ticket to the museum.

Accessibility, wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility equipment

All exhibition sections have elevators or lifts, dimensioned 90 cm wide and 140–145 cm deep. Please feel free to direct any questions regarding the use of, or assistance with, elevators and lifts to our helpful uniformed museum guards.

To borrow a wheelchair or walker for use in the museum, please contact our ticket desk. Unfortunately, it is not possible to book or reserve a museum wheelchair or walker in advance. 

All restroom areas include fully accessible facilities for disabled guests.

Guests with a disability identification card can bring their companion along for free. Please present your disability ID when you arrive at the museum.

Prams, buggies, pushchairs, and strollers

The museum is generally accessible to wheeled baby transport (lifts are 90 cm wide and 140–145 cm deep). We have a number of handy museum strollers that parents can borrow for their visit, leaving their own buggy or pushchair behind in the large basement cloakroom. (Note: The museum is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, such equipment.) To help you make the most of your visit, we recommend that you consider the option of borrowing a museum stroller (if one is available), or using a baby sling or similar carrying device. This will give you optimum mobility while moving through the museum’s many exhibition sections.

School children visiting in groups

For schools that plan to visit the museum on their own in groups with more than one class of school children at a time (without booking a school tour in advance), we kindly ask that you contact our ticket desk. This will enable us to give the best possible service to you and the other guests at the museum.

Free lockers for handbags, coats, and other personal items

Handbags, tote bags, coats, snowsuits, and similar items must be left in the museum’s cloakroom and may not be carried/worn in the exhibition sections of museum. We have a large cloakroom in the basement, down the stairs from the main entrance, which is equipped with numerous lockers where you can safely store your coats, bags, luggage, and so on. Use of the lockers is free.


The café is open for business during the museum’s opening hours, offering a variety of tasty treats and light meals, including salads and sandwiches, for sale. Besides hot and cold drinks the café has a wide selection of freshly baked pastries and cakes. Read more about the café

Food allergies

We encourage guests with food allergies to contact the café staff for advice before placing their order. Several treats and meals can be adapted to suit special needs. The café always strives to have options for gluten-free and lactose-free bread and cakes available.

Packed lunches and bring-your-own snacks

The museum has several areas where you can enjoy food and drink you have brought along from home: Outdoors, you can picnic on the grassy, sloping roof or walk over to the area with bench seating, visible from the museum entrance. You may want to eat indoors in our spacious lunch area, which is found in the basement at the end of the hallway leading from the large cloakroom/locker area.


As a rule, you may not bring dogs into the museum, but they are welcome in all of our outdoor areas, as long as you keep them on a leash. However, seeing-eye dogs and service dogs are welcome to accompany their owners inside the museum building.
Note: Please remember to bring bags or a “poop scoop” so you can properly dispose of any mess your four-legged friend may leave behind.