Rules for photography

You are welcome to take pictures at the museum for personal use, but flashes are not allowed. Please see the detailed rules and guidelines set out below. Commercial photography must be agreed in advance.

Photographs and video recordings for personal use

You are welcome to take photographs at Moesgaard Museum for your own personal use. When taking pictures, always be considerate and mindful of other guests.

The use of camera stands, flashes, and extra lighting is not permitted in the exhibits. The artefacts and objects on display may be damaged if they are exposed to strong light. Camera stands and flashes may be used in the outdoor areas and in the museum foyer, but only for a limited time and under due consideration for your fellow museum guests.

You are also welcome to share pictures taken at the museum through your personal social media profiles. However, remember not to share pictures of any other guests without their permission. We encourage you to share your photos using the hashtag #momu or #moesgaardmuseum.

If you have any questions about photography or other types of recordings made during your visit to the museum, please ask our tour guides or uniformed museum guards for details.

Recordings for commercial use

Photos and films intended for commercial use may only be shot if agreed in advance, and if written permission has been obtained from the museum. Commercial photography/recordings are subject to special terms, conditions, and prices. For more information, send an email to our communications department, or call us at (+45) 8739 4000.